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About us

Crypto boutique is an ecosystem that fully covers the cycle of investing in innovative projects and promising start-ups from all around the world: it acts as a reliable support and a backer, advising projects on all the relevant issues, directing the right way, that our ico have been passed
The output model on the ICO
Token valuation dynamics Expected ROI Project stage duration
Project selection
Preparing a project
for ICO
$0.26 400-700% 2-3 m.
Token Pre-sale
Private investment round
$0.50 250-300% 1-2 m.
Rising money
to market ICO
$0.70 150-180% 1-2 m.
Ico Launch
Open token sale
1.00 50-100% 1 m.
Listing tokens in crypto-exchanges
$2.00+ MARKET 1 m.
For Investors
How to work with the fund?

Give an application
To connect with our investment broker
Get actual information
Our professional expertise about all inhouse projects in open access and view about new private in our incubator. Get in touch with fund founders!
Buy your tokkens
Once you have chosen the ICOs you would like to participate in, you can buy their tokens with best private discount, which is availiable only for our partners.
For Projects
How to launch ICO
with Crypto-boutique
Selection and evaluation
We review all the applications we receive in our platform.
Prepare to ICO
We’ll work as one team with the ICO launcher and guide them in every step of the way.
Launch ICO
We'll prepare and deploy the ICO smart contracts and help your company raise funds using blockchain technology!


Vladimir Gorbunov
CCO, Co-founder
Entrepreneur with more than 10
successful new ventures and a
particular focus on simplifying
Kirill Kleymenov
A well-known TV journalist, TV
presenter, deputy general
director and head
Gleb Bobariko
Entrepreneur with more than 10
successful new ventures, founder

Sergey Selivanov
Top manager with experience of big development projects, ex Deputy Head of the Department of Culture of the City of Moscow - Minister

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